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cleaner indoor air in minutes

Did you know opening up the windows in your home for just 10 minutes a day can dramatically improve indoor air quality?⠀⠀ We spend on average 90% of our time indoors, and 1 of...


how to get mold off wood table

Guys! I came home from five days in Texas with my fiancé to visit my family for Thanksgiving, and I came back to this! Mold! From a baby pumpkin! Gross. Not to mention, we just...

6.17.2015 if you find my pants in the freezer... PHOTO 1

“wash” your pants in the freezer

I know. Sounds crazy. But you guys, I am completely sold on this quick and easy alternative to “washing” your pants. Maybe you’ve got some “nice” ripped jeans, and you don’t want the holes...