about me

Hi guys! I’m Meredith. I’m a writer and actress living in Los Angeles with my hubby, Clay.

Version 2

I originally started this blog as a way for family and friends to keep up with my adventures in LA as I pursued a career in acting.

After some initial success, however, I was frustrated by the lack of quality in the content of the projects for which I was auditioning. So I decided to create my own!

I wrote a comedy series called How to Lose a Girl in One Date. We filmed the pilot episode. And then shortly thereafter I began writing my first screenplay.


During that time I also created this short film, Riva, as part of the 168 Film Festival.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.43.00 AM

And it was around that time that I began dating Clay!

Let me tell you–it was quite a journey to find him. I had a long road of complete singleness, went through one big breakup, and started over at ground zero allowing Christ to be my true foundation for my life and future relationships. Then God, in His goodness and kindness, brought the two of us together.

We dated for six months, were engaged for seven, and on April 23, 2016 we were married!

Desperate for a singular focus for my creativity, God revealed to me I was to write the book I’d long since had an idea to write. I’ll keep that one under wraps for now, but let’s just say it has to do with this whole “godly relationships” thing!


I have a great passion for health as well. I’ve walked a long road of chronic pain–first back pain, then stomach issues, then full body pain. Through it all I’ve learned the importance of that which we put in our bodies as well as on our bodies as well as the connection of our spirit and our soul {our mind and our heart} to our body.

Here you’ll find snippets of my journey–of struggles and triumphs, of physical pain and healing, of doubt and hope, singleness and marriage, and of course essential oils as I write on all things faith, health, godly relationships + more.

I share it all because I believe there is power in telling our stories. Who am I to keep to myself all the things that God is so graciously teaching me?

I hope you see Him in these pages. I hope you find Him in these posts. And I pray you are always pointed back to Him–the Writer of the greatest Story, the Author of all creativity, and the Giver of everything that makes possible a life that’s good.