the art of unemployment con’t…

This quote by Nathan Fillion, the lead in the ABC series “Castle” really stood out to me and completely echoes my previous post, “the art of unemployment.”

“You understand that your job as an actor is to audition. Your job is to go out there and look for work. Thanks God for ‘Castle’; I’m having such a great time. But the majority of my career has been looking for work. ‘Firely,’ ‘Drive’-we were on the air for nine days. So you can see how fleeting it is. I’ve auditioned more times than I can possibly remember, I’ve done more scenes in more offices and shed so many tears, it’s ridiculous. But I know now that it’s not about that one role or that one audition. The chances of you getting a part are slim to none. Then you get one. It’s a game of numbers. In the meantime, you’re developing relationships. You’re showing a casting director that if he or she pulls me into an office to audition, I can deliver, I will be pleasant, and I can take direction. So when another thing comes up, they know they can count on me. I’d see the same casting directors over and over, because they kept pulling me in.”

Word. That’s a good word, Nate. Can I call you Nate?


{in the meantime… until we book a job… there’s always rocking chairs with wine}

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