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I tried getting my eyebrows waxed once in seventh grade. “Everyone was doing it” or whatever. Well, apparently “everyone” doesn’t have the sensitive skin I do… Cause I left with some serious burnt skin underneath my perfectly coiffed brows.

I think my next thought was probably reminiscent of Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy… “I immediately regret this decision.”

Let’s just say I now pluck my brows. And let’s just say I’m much more hesitant to jump on certain beauty bandwagons.

I was thinking the other day… even the best tweezers won’t help you pluck your brows if you can’t see the hairs you’re trying to remove. You need a great closeup mirror with some powerful lighting.

I love a good metaphor. So this got me thinking… I can have the best intentions when I wake up each day and look at myself, but if I don’t look to Christ to magnify my heart, to bring to light the things in my life I need to pluck away, then I’m merely trying to improve myself in vain.

When I was growing up, if anyone ever complimented my outward appearance, my mom would always quickly remind me:

“It’s just as important to be pretty on the inside as you are on the outside.”

We live in a culture that constantly bombards us with ads and messages that we need to improve our outward appearance – with makeup, jewelry, clothes, shoes, and Clarisonic face brushes. But as Proverbs 31:30 reminds us:

“charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting…”

Now, when I take a good close-up look at my face every morning, I am reminded to take a good close-up look at my heart.

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