simply guacamole.

I’m a Texas girl. I love me some guacamole. There’s nothin’ like fresh table-side-made (you know what I mean) guacamole from a great Mexican food restaurant. But it’s just as delicious and easy to make at home!
Here’s my easy homemade guac recipe:
simply guacamole.
-dried herbs
wash and dry avocados and limes.
slice and dice avocados.
squeeze lime juice onto avocado.
(I use a 1:1 avocado/lime ratio)
cover with salsa of your choice.
sprinkle herbs of your choice.
(I use pepper, dill, and oregano)
using a knife and fork, slice and dice mixture (I prefer this to mashing it) until it reaches your desired consistency.
garnish with lime.
simple. fresh. easy. healthy.

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  1. TerinAleah says:

    I am not a big fan of guacamole, but my hubby is! I'll have to try to make this for him! :)

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