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I have so many friends getting engaged! We had two engagement parties back to back last weekend! It’s so funny the difference between Texas and California… Most of my friends from back home are not only married but have one – if not three – kids by now. But here in LA I have a whole other batch of friends out here who are just now getting engaged, too! It’s so fun to get to experience this season with them.

Here’s my sweet and simple (and cost effective!) DIY engagement card/gift to celebrate future brides-to-be without making a huge dent in your wallet!

All you need:

  • a bridal magazine
  • a bottle of champagne (I choose mine by the cuteness of the label. duh.)
  • a blank greeting card (I order these in bulk off Amazon or find them on sale at Michaels)
  • burlap ribbon (again, Amazon or Michaels)
  • photo paper and your printer
  • a Sharpie and a pen

What to do:

  • find a google image that’s applicable – sweet or funny – and print it onto photo paper
  • trim and tape it onto the front of the card
  • write the card “punchline” with a Sharpie – to make it look more official :)
  • write a note below with a pen
  • wrap the bridal mag around the champs and tie with ribbon

Voila! Happy engagement season!

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