how to plan a wedding in 6 months flat: week 11

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This past week felt like craziness. I worked on the wedding a ton! I probably went above and beyond what I needed to do, but I am feeling the heat of the countdown! Here are the main things we accomplished this week:

how to plan a wedding in 6 months flat: week 11

  • catering tasting: we had our first tasting with LA Roots. Isaiah is the man and his food is amazing. we may schedule one more tasting as we’d like to switch up a few menu items!
  • cake tasting/order cake: we had our second and final tasting this week! we compared and contrasted and finally decided on the cake and cupcakes we would like!
  • order invitations: we placed our invitation order and will see proofs this week!
  • book hair and makeup for wedding day!
  • venue walk through: we walked through the venue with our wedding coordinator, rental contact, caterer, and florist!
  • view floral samples: our florist brought a sample arrangement for us to see at the walk through. I brought it home and have been using it to help me figure out all the exact floral details we need.
  • work on wedding day timeline & master wedding document: my wedding coordinator sent over a document with all our vendor info, what is going where (think flowers, signs, etc), and a draft of the day-of timeline. I have been tweaking away! (and probably over-organizing if I’m being honest!)
  • take a trip to your local flea market and see if you can’t find some treasures! this Sunday Clay and I went to the Melrose/Fairfax trading post and found some cute frames for our table cards and a cool vintage crate for “cards and wishes” at our welcome table!
  • order signage: I am ordering some adorable rustic wooden boards with writing on them to place around our wedding from a girl on Etsy (who is from Texas by the way!)

Phew! This week was definitely a whirlwind. I am thinking back to those weeks where there was much less to do and it was almost a break. As much as I crave balance, I know it’s inevitable that some weeks are just bound to be busier than others in wedding planning.

So I press on and try to enjoy each step of the planning, and as always try to focus on planning my marriage while planning my wedding! Until next week…

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