how to plan a wedding in 6 months flat: week 18





We did a ton for the wedding this week! It still amazes me after all we have already done, how much there is yet to do! Planning a wedding truly is like a part time job… But let’s face it – it’s a fun job. Now if I were only getting paid for said job :)

Here’s what we did this week!

how to plan a wedding in 6 months flat: week 18

  • begin writing thank you notes: the gifts are starting to arrive! Clay reminded me we have up to a year after the wedding to get these in, and I reminded him that he is marrying someone who doesn’t like to wait on things that can be accomplished today! as the gifts come in, I try to write a thank-you note as soon as possible. it seems much more manageable this way. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather spend our first year of marriage getting settled into our home and working on our marriage than writing thank you notes! We ordered our custom thank you notes through Minted using our $50 credit we received when creating a free wedding website with them!
  • begin designing wedding menus: we are playing around with some different fonts and deciding on what paper we want.
  • pick up marriage license: I delegated this task to Clay, and he figured out what we needed to do. it was pretty fun getting to go do this, and let’s just say I am unofficially officially “Meredith Noel Collier!”
  • order groom’s wedding band: it took going to a few places for us to find just the right ring for Clay, but we finally found the one! I can’t wait to place that ring on his finger as a symbol of the covenant we will make to each other in just 54 days! wedding bands are such a powerful, significant and meaningful reminder that Clay and I will choose each other. Every day. No matter what. This circle that has no end will represent that our love for each other has no end.
  • order custom wedding napkins: I wasn’t going to order these, but I stumbled across these adorable cocktail napkins on Etsy, and I just had to…
  • begin to plan ceremony: we met with our officiant (the head pastor of our church) for our second pre-marital counseling this week, and we made a lot of headway in planning our ceremony! we basically laid out the outline. now Clay and I just have to decide on our Scripture readings and music choices!

Happy planning brides!

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