how to plan a wedding in 6 months flat: week 19




Okay, so I’m getting married in less than 7 weeks. I won’t lie, I had a tiny moment of overwhelm when I realized how packed my schedule is in these mere weeks leading up to our wedding. Thankfully, I have a sweet and seemingly supernaturally calm fiancé who is well-versed at helping me to pause and breathe and just take it all one step at a time.

Here’s what we did this week!

how to plan a wedding in 6 months flat: week 19

  • first dress fitting! you guys, it was so surreal putting on my dress. it’s like I have been to so many weddings – countless weddings – and now it’s finally me in the white gown. so weird. so fun. so sweet.
  • finalize ceremony details: we decided on our scripture reading and all the final details of our ceremony! up next: design the programs!
  • final venue walk through: we met our DJ at the venue so he could see exactly what equipment he will need. we discussed some final decorating ideas with our coordinator. next time we will be back there will be for our rehearsal!
  • design wedding bar menu: I sent our bar menu draft for our amazing friend to work on so we can have a few of those printed! I will put them in the extra place card holder “stumps” we got from Etsy.
  • begin tracking RSVPs: somehow I forgot to input a couple of people on our online RSVP. my bad. got it taken care of, folks!
  • shop for bridal shower and rehearsal dinner outfits: is it sad that I sort of just view this as another thing I have to do? I have never really actually enjoyed the act of shopping much. don’t get me wrong, I love a new outfit, but I honestly wish it would just appear in my closet without the arduous task of having to hunt it down! nonetheless, it was still moderately fun to look. I ordered a couple of things that should be coming in the mail! online shopping > regular shopping. or is at least more relaxing!

As much fun as it was having my first dress fitting this week, I really enjoyed planning out the ceremony details with Clay. It’s such a privilege to get to create our ceremony bit by bit as we ultimately create a day that’s a little taste of what Heaven will be like! Clay calls it a “foretaste” but I’ll be honest – not my favorite word!

Also, I just realized how many exclamation points I used in this week’s post. I think it’s cause it’s all finally getting so real. We are getting so close! (Aaand I did it again.) All the details are really coming together now. It is truly an exciting and terrifying time. (insert wink emoticon.) Marrying Clay cannot come soon enough, but I’ll take each and every day I have between now and then to finalize all these details to make this day one we will never forget.

Happy planning, you guys!

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