how to plan a wedding in 6 months flat: week 22

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You guys. When I pulled up this blank page to write a post for this week, I thought to myself, “Did I even do anything for the wedding this week?” And then I proceeded to write out this list. And then I realized I think because I did SO much, it seems like this past week was weeks ago! Anyway, here’s a crazy laundry list for ya:

how to plan a wedding in 6 months flat: week 22

  • finalize honeymoon details: we called our hotel to ask if they suggested booking any meals, massages, or activities ahead of time. they reassured us nothing would book up and that we could just decide what we wanted to do when we got there! sounds good to me!
  • final headcount to caterer, venue & bar service: now that all those RSVPs are in, provide all your vendors (who need it) with your final headcount!
  • adjust rental details: also now with our final headcount we were able to make slight adjustments to our rental order (i.e. adding high chairs)
  • create seating chart/assign table numbers: oh, what fun it is to assign… can you sense the sarcasm in my voice? this is not an easy task. it can be quite tedious. thankfully we found some software the helped us (for the most part except when it froze up and we head to completely re-create our head table portion!) but overall, it was very helpful it assigning all guests to a table and assigning seats for our head table. in addition, we were able to screenshot the layout and forward to our wedding coordinator and rental point person so they know exactly where each table is positioned, which table number is which, and who is sitting where! whew!
  • start gathering and organizing all wedding materials: as I prepped our table numbers, I realized four of the numbers were actually slightly darker, so we are reprinting them. I’ve also gotten a couple wedding invitations and our save the dates for the photographers to shoot on the day. my motto: stay organized so you don’t have to get organized. I’m keeping all the wedding stuff we’ll give to our coordinator in a (neat) pile in the corner of my condo!
  • give place cards to calligrapher: if applicable. we are having our calligrapher hand write each person’s name and table number for the main tables as well as write each person’s name who will be seated at the head table. I must admit I got a little giddy when I wrote my own name: “Meredith Collier” a little weird, but very exciting!
  • hair and makeup for bridesmaids: we are having a couple girls come in to help with the bridesmaids’ hair and makeup. I reached out to see who wanted what. we scheduled them and got them added to our insurance (something our venue requires)
  • photographers info: our photographers sent us a questionnaire to fill out in order to help them know exactly what we want/need from them and when. we will be providing them with our detailed timeline, but I’m sure it’s helpful for them to have certain info in their own format.
  • pick up wedding rings: we picked up Clay’s ring this week. we absolutely love it. it’s perfect. my wedding band on the other hand? well, that’s been a bit more difficult. apparently creating a handmade diamond band to match an engagement ring is not always easy. however, we have found a new jeweler (the one who made Clay’s ring) and I have high hopes! we will find out soon!
  • rehearsal dinner slideshow: I finally finished our slideshow full of baby pics, childhood pics, awkward teen pics, and pics of me and Clay throughout our relationship and journey thus far. I probably spent more time on it that was necessary, but I’m a complete perfectionist, what can I say? if Clay lets me, I’ll post it at some point! (let’s just say I like to share things with the world more than he does!)
  • bridal shower thank you notes: thank yous, thank yous, and more thank yous! got all my thank you notes in for the gifts I received at my bridal shower. Clay is pretty excited about them, too.

Seriously, I can’t believe we accomplished all this in just the last week! We are getting down to the wire, and I just really don’t want to be scrambling to do a ton the week before and week of my wedding. I’d love to get everything done and finalized the week before so that the week of I can relax and enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Happy last month of wedding planning!

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