forever, finally

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“I’m gonna love you forever, I do.” – Ben Rector, Forever Like That

I can’t explain just how wonderful it feels to be married, finally. For Clay to be my husband, finally. To begin forever, finally.

That moment when Drew pronounced us husband and wife was truly the most joy I have ever felt in my 30 years. Walking back down that aisle, I was smiling so wide my facial muscles quite literally couldn’t sustain the expression of joy I was feeling.

Being married is such a wonderful relief – not only from the treachery of dating, but also the navigation of engagement. I say “navigation” as we had to navigate the uncharted territory of a relationship leading to marriage. We had to find the path between guarding our hearts and letting each other in throughout our dating relationship as well as between remaining physically pure and growing deeper emotionally as we neared marriage throughout our engagement.

“Above all else, guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life.” – Proverbs 4:23

Dating is not easy. Being engaged can be even more difficult. But marriage seems like the sweetest relief from uncertainty, walls, and insecurity. Now, I know marriage will have it’s own set of difficulties and uncharted territory (oh, man… babies? I won’t even go there!). But for now I am basking in this glorious feeling of forever, finally.

For now I am allowing myself to be overwhelmed with the sheer bliss of getting to wake up next to the man I love each morning and fall asleep next to him each night. For now I am allowing myself to be overwhelmed with the confidence of knowing that I have a partner in this life – that Clay and I have chosen each other and will continue to choose each other every day. And for now I am allowing myself to be overtaken by the waves of emotion that come with being newly married – to allow myself to be pulled out by the tide and tossed about in the waves of this great love, the love of forever… yes, finally.

“I have found the One whom my soul loves.” – Song of Solomon 4:3

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