a foggy horizon


My mom sent me this photo from our lakehouse in east Texas. Can you even tell what it is?! Maybe now that i said it, but man – how crazy is this sight?

This is the morning horizon – or lack thereof – amidst some pretty thick fog. You can hardly tell where the water ends and the sky begins. {That’s a buoy on the right so you at least know that part is water}.

• • •

I got to thinking about how life can seem like this “sunrise.” Sometimes we can’t see where the earth meets the sky. Sometimes it feels as if our horizon is clouded. We can’t tell what’s what or where we are headed. It seems we are walking nearly blind, unsure of where each step will land…

I’ve certainly felt a bit this way in the current season of our lives. I’m in the midst of writing a book that feels oh-so-incredibly foggy at times. Clay is in the midst of job changes. We are in the midst of trying to be present but planning for the future. And well, sometimes it just all feels so uncertain – like I just want to waft my hand across the horizon, push away those clouds, and let that sun shine through and light up my path for goodness sake.

And well, the truth is, only God really knows where we are headed. Only God is really in control of our steps to get there. It’s nearly infuriating for a control-freak planner like myself… but it’s the truth. And it’s a good truth. ‘Cause are our plans and our path and each step of the way not better held in the hands of the One who created it all? I {reluctantly} admit so.

So while we may feel like we are caught in the fog, like all we got out of bed for was to see a non-existent sunrise, this Truth remains: that what God has done through Jesus Christ means that even on the foggiest of mornings and cloudiest of days, He will guide and direct our path, we have hope in the direction we are headed. We know that behind all that fog is a sun that is rising, whether we can see it do so or not. We know that sometimes believing does not mean seeing, that sometimes knowing does not mean understanding.

• • •

In Matthew chapter 11, Jesus talks about that which is “hidden” from the wise and learned, and yet “revealed” to the little children… oh that we would have a childlike faith that would believe and know despite seeing and understanding.

He goes on to those verses that talk about rest – something I could use some of for my weary and burdened soul. He goes on to talk about His easy yoke and His light burden, which for me thinking, pondering, asking:

How did Jesus live? I want to live more like that.  How did Jesus spend his time? I want to prioritize and spend more of my time like that. What was Jesus his mindset/attitude/perspective? I want more of that.

I want peace in the midst of the chaos of this world. I want humility in a world that cries for attention. I want an easy yoke and a light burden in a world that is tied with chains and waited by burdens they have no business carrying.

I want more. I want more of you, Jesus. I want more of the beautiful You and less of broken me. I want Your word as nourishment for my body and soul. I want to Your light that cuts  through all darkness. I want to hear Your voice that calls me down Your path.

May we be brought closer to Your kingdom with each step of our journey. Today and every day.

{Scripture references: Matthew 11:25-30}.

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