how to make body scrub using essential oils

// in 3 simple steps //

Traditional body scrubs can be filled with hidden chemicals, fillers + toxins. Making your own body scrub is super quick + easy, and you can customize it to smell just the way you like!

Note: I only use Young Living essential oils–the only oils on the planet that have a “Seed to Seal” guarantee of absolute purity! If you’d like to buy some, you can grab a starter kit here!

Without further ado…

how to make body scrub using essential oils
in 3 simple steps

  1. Start with a glass jar. Here’s a link to grab a few on Amazon. {These make for a great gift or party favor for a baby or bridal shower, too!}
  2. Add 1 part organic coconut oil + 1 part organic sugar. Stir. You can play around with this ratio depending on the consistency you like.
  3. Add your favorite essential oils. Stir. For this batch I used 4 drops each of joy, lemongrass, and peace + calming. Note: I try to stay away from minty oils and stick to more mild oils when it comes to body scrubs and bath salts.

Store in your shower or by your bathtub! {I have one for each!}

Even if I don’t feel like I need to use an actual body scrub every day, I love getting a little bit of the body scrub, rubbing it on my hands as if it were soap, and then inhaling deeply. The scent truly helps to relax and calm me. {Here’s a great article as to why essential oils work as well as some different oils for calming vs. energizing!}

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