a promise and a call

God’s promises often come with a call. Here it just so happens to be a call to call on Him. And immediately followed is a promise — that He will show us. Not only that He will simply show up but He will show us the great and unsearchable things only He can reveal.

I think so often we want a one-way relationship with God. We want Him to show up when we need Him. We want Him to answer our prayers. We want Him to rescue us in times of trouble. But our relationship with God goes both ways — like any other relationship we have.

We play our part. And God plays His.

God will not force us to seek Him, to love Him or to invest in a relationship with Him. And thank Him for that! He has given us the gift of free will — a promise in itself. And that promise comes with a call — that if we choose Him we must act in accordance with that decision.

And when we do? Oh, the glorious abundant treasures that await.

I remember when I was in the thick of chronic pain last year, completely at the end of my rope. I quite literally called on God {aloud} like never before, and lo and behold He showed up like never before! He revealed to me the true source of my pain — fear, and He brought people in my life to literally pray it out of me. It was truly life-changing. And yet… the fear and pain still come knocking on my door at which point I have to play my part as well as allow God to play His in this battle to keep it away.

Ephesians 6:12 tells us we are not fighting a battle of flesh but of spirit. And I am here to say that whatever battle you are fighting today, God is ready, willing and able to help you fight that battle. But you have to do your part. You must ask Him, seek Him and invest in relationship with Him. The promise is awaiting. Are you ready to answer the call?

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