with awe and wonder

“Oh, darlin’ my heart’s on fire for you.” – Passenger

I remember looking into his eyes that day with awe and wonder that he chose me. Fast forward into marriage, and I find myself more often rolling my eyes as I place his shoes from *next* to the shoe rack to the actual shoe rack {what a concept!} or as I pick up his dirty socks {yet again!} and place them into his laundry hamper.

It’s so much easier for me to nitpick at my husband than to gaze into his eyes with the awe and wonder I felt on our wedding day. {He chose me! What bliss!} It’s much more difficult to focus on that bliss when the day-to-day tasks of life feel overwhelming.

Married friends: our lives are only going to get more overwhelming as the years go by and our families grow. My prayer for myself and for all my fellow husbands and wives is that we would strive to focus more on the bliss of getting to do life with this person that chose us and less on their less-than-perfect habits… ‘cause let’s be honest: we ourselves are FAR from perfect!

May we gaze into the eyes of our beloved today with the same awe and wonder with which we did so on our wedding day.

And would we model this practice after the One who gazes upon us with perfect love despite our sin and imperfections.

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