a call to gratitude

One year ago today we sat around the table, and I struggled to answer that question, “What are you thankful for?” I knew there was an endless list of things I could say, but the emptiness inside of me weighed so heavy on my heart that I was left fighting back tears. We had gone from a season of gratitude and expectancy to one of grief and loss. And to be honest it was really tough to feel grateful.⠀

Today I’ll sit at the table with the most fullness my heart has ever known and with the most gratitude my soul has ever felt as I hold my sweet rainbow girl in my arms. Today it is really easy to feel grateful.⠀

The truth is: every day we have much to be grateful for—whether in times of loss or times of abundance. It’s easy to feel grateful when all is right in our world; it’s much more difficult when the weight of this broken world sits upon our shoulders. And yet it’s the call God longs for us to answer—the call of 1 Thessalonians 5:18.⠀

I long to answer this call today and every day—today and every other day of the year—regardless of my circumstances. I long to find that “secret of being content” that Paul wrote about from his prison cell.⠀

I’m grateful for so much today. But one specific thing I’ll share: Not only and I simply grateful for her life, I’m grateful that my 3-month old daughter is a constant reminder to be filled with joy and a constant model of being content.⠀

Noelle doesn’t care if it’s raining or sunny out. Noelle doesn’t care if the house is cluttered or clean. Noelle radiates joy all the day long and is content in the simplest of circumstances (except for witching hour, of course!)

Point is: Her joy fills me with joy—like genuine joy. Her contentment is a teacher for my often hurried heart. In short, she reminds me to be grateful. I’m grateful for her, for the gift that she is, and for these lessons she teaches me daily.⠀

Wishing you all a genuine-joy-filled-gratitude-abounding Thanksgiving and every day beyond.⠀

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