a prayer on the path

Dear God, Powerful Creator—the One who created me to do great things for your kingdom,

Teach me your ways

Let me walk in your will

Fill my mind with your Word, my heart with your love, my soul with your spirit.

Teach me your rest, your shalom.

Let me live in the warmth of the light of your grace.

Lead me in your way everlasting, on your path of righteousness, keeping me in step with the example Jesus lived.

Thank you for this gift of life. I long to live it well, to be a good steward of my ordained days here.

Forgive me when I fall short, when I fail to believe what you’ve said of me is true.

Fill me with you. Fulfill your plans for me.

Let me be content in that which you’ve given and always peacefully seeking that which is in store.

Your faithful servant,


. . .

After a long day I wrote this prayer down last night. This season has been a challenging one for me. It has also been one of immense blessing. My whole life I dreamt of being married and of having a family… and well, here I am.

The Lord has been kind to me to gift me with such gifts of wonder. I pray the difficult parts of this season would never be outshined by the wonder of this goodness. I pray that my God would help me to keep in step with His Spirit as I traverse this path of His will for me in this season, supporting my husband well, loving and caring for our daughter well, and caring for myself well.

I don’t know what lies ahead on this path, but I don’t want to miss the beauty that is around me—here and now.

Perhaps this prayer is one you can take and offer up to this same good God who loves you so dearly.

. . .

photo: Apple Rose Photography

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