the night sky

March 11, 2015. He walked me to the door. We stopped on the sidewalk and gazed up at those rarely bright Santa Monica stars. And he asked me to be his girlfriend. Three weeks after our first date, still waiting for our first kiss, it was a moment I will truly never forget.

“Yes” is the answer I’ve continued to say to this man. After a long road of waiting, or doing my best to trust God with my love story, He gifted me with this man to do life with.

This remembrance now hangs on our bedroom wall—a sign of God’s guidance and faithfulness in our lives and story. I remember that night texting Clay a verse that came to mind—“Now look up at the heavens and count the stars.” Little did I know the second half of that verse says—“so your offspring will be!” Haha. Ironically I am 20 weeks pregnant with our daughter in this photo–a glorious gift after a heartwrenching miscarriage.

When I look up at the stars—when I saw them on that night and when I see them today—I think of the God who created them, who created me and all my longings. I remember one night when I was 20 years old, single, and longing to find love… I looked up at the bright Texas stars and I wondered when I would meet that man. And well, here he is. He came nine years later, when most of my friends were married with multiple children. And as difficult as that wait was, he was so worth it.

It was so worth trusting this God who placed the stars in the sky to place a man in my life who would love me so well, and who would love our daughter so well.

Friends, if you are waiting, wait strong! Wait in hope! Look up at the heavens and just try to count the stars in the sky. Our God is amazing, glorious, powerful. He will leave you awe-filled and wonder-struck when you ponder just how grand His ways are. He is the One authoring your love story. As Abraham followed God’s voice on his journey, let’s faithfully do the same. Sure, we will make mistakes just like he did. But this God’s promise will remain. Clay is an example of God’s promise remaining in my life after a long journey of trying to listen to God’s voice and making many mistakes along the way.

And friends, if you need a Christmas gift idea, The Night Sky is a beautiful and meaningful one that you can gift yourself or someone you love. It can be a constant and daily reminder of this God who is faithful each step of your journey.

(Not an ad! Just love the thing!)

Photos: Apple Rose Photography

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