little fingers

Her little fingers wrap ever so gently around mine.⠀

I inhale deeply and exhale as a wave of euphoria flows through my body.⠀

These moments—these still moments in the darkness of early morning, the two of us in this rocking chair in her nursery—I never want to forget.⠀

I close my eyes, imprinting the vision in my mind.⠀

My left hand rests on the small of her back, her head lay in the crook of my elbow, her belly breathes against mine.⠀

My right hand is poised lightly across her midsection, thumb nestled into the palm of her hand as her fingers wrap up, over the creases of my knuckle, and down around the side.⠀

I feel the sands slip steadily through the glass of time.⠀

I know these moments are running out, never to return.⠀

I wrap this one up, to hold in my heart. And I linger here a little longer today.⠀

As I do so, I praise God for this most precious gift, for this tiny bundle—so quickly growing—in my arms.⠀

What wonder fills the mind of this mother as she rests under the weight of this moment, of this miracle, of this great and mysterious love.

photo: Apple Rose Photography

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