vanilla bean coconut ice cream with carob powder

I just came up with the most simple, delicious concoction.

vanilla bean coconut ice cream with carob powder

I’m not a huge fan of vanilla ice cream, but my boyfriend had bought me some. So, I decided to get creative and try some toppings.

First, I sprinkled some ground coffee beans over the ice cream, and that was incredibly delicious.

I took some up the roof to enjoy this extremely warm Santa Monica weather. The sunset was beautiful as always…


And the moon was huge! (This iPhone photo doesn’t do it justice.)


When I came back inside, I still wanted more ice cream. (Shameless). But I didn’t want to have too much caffeine late at night, so I needed to try another topping…

I just found out my blood type, and I have been reading up on eating for your bloodtype. It’s fascinating. A lot of the foods my holistic doctor has told me I am sensitive to or should eat more of are exactly on track with this bloodtype diet. I am looking forward to tailoring my diet more towards foods that are beneficial for my bloodtype (O negative).

One of the foods that is “highly beneficial” for the O neg bloodtype is carob. I remembered I had some carob powder stored away in my pantry, so I dusted some of that on my ice cream, and it is truly delicious.

Now, unfortunately I just realized coconut is on the “avoid” list for O neg, so I am going to have to come up with a replacement for coconut ice cream next!

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