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Y’all, I love these Hail Merry chocolate chip cookie dough bites. My sister introduced me to them, and I am both mad and happy about it – cause they are soooo delish, but expensive! (I’m an actress and writer, and my husband is a soon-t0-be-official pastor finishing up seminary, so needlesstosay we are on a bit of a budget!)

So, in my frugality (much to my hubby’s approval), I decided I’d make my own version… and I can I just say (dare I? I do) that these taste even better than the store-bought version?! And they’re cheaper! Winning!



This is such a quick and easy recipe. They’re raw, taste like cookie dough, and you can eat as many as you want without worrying about raw egg poisoning (is that a thing?). Again, winning.

So I don’t have exact proportions, but I recently heard that true chefs don’t use exact proportions – they just eyeball it/keep adding stuff until it tastes good. And y’all – I am no “true chef” (far from it!) and yet, somehow, I whipped these up in minutes. I challenge you to pull out your Vitamix and start tossing in some goodness! {I mean… it’s fun to keep tasting until you get it juuuuust right!}

Here’s what’s in my chocolate chip cookie dough bites with estimated proportions:


hail MERry chocolate chip cookie dough bites: 

{see what I did there?}

  • organic raw almond butter (~1/2 c.)
  • organic shredded coconut (~1/2 c.)
  • organic coconut oil (~1/4 c.)
  • organic coconut flour (~2 T.)
  • organic grade B maple syrup (~1 T.)
  • organic coconut nectar (~1 T.)
  • splash of organic vanilla extract
  • dash of Himalayan pink salt
  • Enjoy Life chocolate chips (~2 T. okay, 3)


I added the chocolate chips towards the end, so they wouldn’t get too shredded in the blending process. Just keep playing around with the oil and flour combo to get the right consistency.

I used a 1 T. scoop to create these little “bites” then placed them in a glass tupperware container to store these puppies in the fridge.


Grab and go! Savor. Enjoy. Wash down with a cold glass of almond milk or a hot almond milk latte!

Feel good about your waistline, your wallet, and your tastebud satisfaction. No compromising on this one!

Mmm. Chocolate. And dough. Need I say more?

Recipe will make ~10-12 “bites”… but uh… let’s just say a few didn’t quite make it to the fridge :)


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