green goddess smoothie

hello, gorgeous.

Back from travel. Back to healthy!

Truly I’ve never eaten so many carbs in my life as I did the last two weeks in Paris + Italy… I kid you not it was often carbs for breakfast, lunch + dinner… uhhh, and gelato for dessert… and cocktails + wine…⠀⠀

But today?! Today I get back to it. Back to exercising, getting that heart rate up, sweating every day {or  close to it}.

My post workout smoothie this morning I like to call the “green goddess.” She’s a beauty. She’s a tasty. She’ll bring a smile to your face + a kick to your step.

Without further ado…


green goddess smoothie

In Vitamix or blender, add:

• ice {~1 cup}

• kale {1 c.}

• apple {1 handful frozen chunks}

• pitted date {1}

• flaxseeds {1 T.}

• MCT/coconut oil {1/2 T.}

• walnuts {1/4 c.}

• shredded coconut {1-2 T.}

Vital Proteins collagen peptides {1 scoop}

• ashwaganda powder {1 t.}

• maca root powder {1 T.}

• turmeric {sprinkle}

• cinnamon {sprinkle}

• almond milk {1/4 c.}

• Harmless Harvest {raw} coconut water {1/2-1/3 c.}


Blend. Pour into frozen mason jar. Enjoy.

Tip for extra frozen smoothie: Pre-wash and freeze your fruits + veggies.

Tip for extra healthy life: Choose organic ingredients. You deserve the best. You know what they say… Pay now or pay later!

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