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I can’t write about shampoo and conditioner without thinking of that silly scene in that Adam Sandler movie… but alas shampoo and conditioner are both better when free of harmful ingredients!

Did you know 95% of all shampoos have synthetic fragrance? Which contains toxic chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects, central nervous system disorders, allergic reactions, and even weight gain?* Umm, no thank you!

I used to be oblivious to this sort of thing until I began my wellness journey. Since cutting out synthetic fragrances from our home completely, I have noticed a marked improvement in my allergies, asthma, pain levels and general wellbeing.

I find it pretty amazing God gifted us with all we need for yummy smells and effective cleaning through plants (and pretty sad that humans have taken something good and turned it into something harmful).

There are lots of great shampoos on the market now scented with essential oils (yay!) instead of “fragrance/parfum” (yuck!). Just be sure the oils are 100% plant-derived without fillers, additives and preservatives. Personally, I stick to Young Living products since they are the only company on the planet that has a Seed to Seal purity guarantee! (double yay!)

Shop their delicious smelling shampoos + conditioners and other amazing products here!

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Below is another great article from Branch Basics about the harsh reality of synthetic fragrances.

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