on the journey together

I was just checking in on my registry at Babylist, and one of the little icons on the top read “Clay is on the journey with you” and had a little trailer icon next to it. Upon reading those words, my eyes welled with tears.

I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed in this season–like there is so much to do to get ready for baby. We recently moved into a new house which has a handful of things that need to be fixed and yet we’ve been unable to do so in our current season/financial state. Clay will be starting law school in less than a month. And on top of everything else, I am really trying to finish the book I’m writing and get a conversation going with a publisher.

When I read those words that made me tear up, I realized that perhaps I’ve been thinking about everything from a standpoint of things I need to do instead of remembering that I have a partner in the journey.

And you know what? I have a really good partner at that.

Clay helps around the house, cooks and cleans up most of our dinners, makes endless grocery store and errand runs, and well, truly just does so much. Why would I forget I don’t go it alone?

On top of that, I so often forget that God goes with me. I am not on this journey alone. Even when Clay is away or busy (and I’m certain he is about to be very busy with law school), I have God who walks with me, leads me step by step, guides me along the way, and even carries me when I am weak.

I am okay. I am taken care of. This God will never leave me or forsake me or abandon me to deal with all the things to do in life on my own. He has given me His Holy Spirit as a partner who lives in me–as one who dwells in me, fights my battles with me, and equips me with all I need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3).

And so I inhale and I exhale. And as I do so I hear the sounds of my sweet husband starting dinner for us. And again my eyes well with tears of gratitude for this good God who provides for me exactly what I need for each. individual. day.

(📷: Apple Rose Photography)

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