holiday coffee table decor

So, true confession: I may or may not have already decorated for Christmas. Whoops.

Normally, I wait until after Thanksgiving to do so. But I just couldn’t help myself; Christmas is my favorite time of the year. It truly brings warm fuzzies to my soul.

I went on a retreat with my church last weekend, and it was all about anxiety, stress, and “fear of missing out.” It was truly amazing and just what I needed to hear. I felt the Lord telling me I need to take my Sabbaths more seriously.

So after church on Sunday, I turned on some Christmas music, cranked up the fire, and decorated for Christmas, naturally.

I wanted some decor for my coffee table that didn’t break the bank. (I’d rather spend money on gifts for my family!) I literally had everything pictured here already:
– pine cones
– corks
– twigs
– glitter spray
– vase/bowlLast year I made these homemade wine bottle vases. They were great, but the “snow” on the bottles didn’t hold up so well in storage. So I just took the twigs from those, put them in a vase, and filled the rest of the space with some corks.All you have to do for the twigs if you haven’t prepared those already is lay them on some newspaper outside, spray them with a layer of glitter spray, and let them dry!

And I literally just picked up the pine cones on a walk one morning…


Simple, sparkly, seasonal… and to be fair, I think this decor is appropriate for Thanksgiving as well (minus the Christmas coffee table book!)

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