walk on the water

Have you ever felt like you were stuck in a sailboat – with no wind. Only waves. Or only stillness. And only you?

I’ve felt like that with my career lately. Pursuing an acting career is often like being in a sailboat – stuck in the middle of the ocean. Nothing but deep waters on every side. No momentum to keep you going. No one to direct your path.

It can feel so confusing. I can feel so lost. I can even feel hopeless in those greatest moments of uncertainty.

“Oh, I’m out in the waves and I’m hoping and praying, ‘Please let this wind blow me home.’ And night after night there’s an empty horizon, and, my God, do I feel so alone.” 

Maybe the “home” you’re trying to get to is a destination in your career. Maybe it’s to find a relationship. Maybe it’s to have a child or see healing brought to a loved one or a million other longings of your heart.

Maybe you feel you’ve been out in the waves, hoping and praying. Maybe it feels God has brought you out into the waters and left you. With no light to point you to the horizon. With no wind to help you sail to shore.<

But maybe, just maybe… I had this crazy thought:

Maybe we don’t need the sailboat. 

Maybe God has brought us out into the middle of the ocean in that sailboat, but now He wants us to get out of that boat. Maybe now He wants us to walk on the water.
7.1.2015 walk on the water PHOTO

“‘Come,’ he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus.”

Maybe it’s not such a crazy thought after all. After all, Peter did it.

Sometimes when we don’t see a way, God opens our eyes and expands our horizon to show us an even greater alternative, a way in the dark, a path we never saw coming. Sometimes He wants to show us that all we need is within us… because He is within us. All we need is a little faith.

Maybe we just need to put our faith into motion… and step out into the ocean. Do you believe He will bring you safely to shore?

“The only difference is believing I’ll make it in.” 

Today I’m looking for new ways to step out in faith, to hold onto the hope to which I have been called, to hold tight to the promise that He is there – in the calm, in the storms, in the empty sailboat… and out on the waters.

“You called me out upon the waters…”

“But I’m not giving up; I’m gonna move on forward.” 

“And I don’t really care if nobody else believes, cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me.” 

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