I give up.

Have you ever felt like hardships are overtaking your life? 

Have you felt surrounded by the Enemy on all sides? 

Have you felt you are left standing alone, defenseless, with no weapons to fight back?

Have you felt like you just want to sit down and say, “I give up”?

I have. Oh, how I have. 

8.10.2015 I give up PHOTO 1

I’ve been frustrated immensely by the recent lack of control I seem to have in all areas of my life. As a recovering control freak (or at least trying to be), letting go is not an easy task for me. 

It’s funny when you think of letting go, it sounds easy. You just… let go. You don’t have to hold on anymore. You don’t have to use any more strength.

Well, sometimes it’s not that easy. I think the sheer number of Christian songs written about letting go, and even the secular “spiritual” focuses put on letting go are evidence of that. 

Why do we have such trouble letting go? 

In an effort to control the things I can, in order to start each day focusing on the good in my life, focusing on God (and I do that so well being outside in His creation), I have barked on a 21 day challenge of awesome.

Not gonna lie… I already had the words slip out last night: “I don’t feel like everything is awesome.” Not only is it – and will it continue to be – a daily battle, it’s an hourly battle for me.

“Lord, I need you… Every hour I need you.” – Matt Maher, Lord, I Need You

I’m tired of the battle. I’m tired of the struggle. Sometimes I want to give up. 

But here are the truths the Lord is whispering so gently to me: 

When you feel you can no longer hold on, it’s okay to let go.  

When you feel you can no longer fight, it’s okay to surrender. 

As I take a walk each morning to the ocean, and as I long for my feet to move more quickly along this path of life that I am on, I will remember the words of Jeremiah and pray that they hold true in my heart:

“I know, O Lord, that a man’s life is not his own; it is not for man to direct his steps. – Jeremiah 10:23

8.10.2015 I give up PHOTO 2

Next time we find ourselves unable to hold on, let’s let go. 

Next time we find ourselves unable to fight, let’s surrender. 

Next time we find ourselves surrounded, taunted, hopeless, defenseless, and just flat out “overcome,” let’s look to our Savior who has overcome the world. 

“In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” – John 16:33

“All I am, I surrender.” – Elevation Worship, Give Me Faith

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