a new journey

In so many ways it felt like the end of a journey when we took this photo. And in so many ways it was. It was the end of a long journey of singleness. It was the end of a long journey alone.

What I never pondered quite as much was how this was the beginning of a whole new journey.

Here stands my husband in our new home, hanging this engagement photo we had made for our wedding day welcome table. It’s been a little over three years, and we have already traveled so many places together on this new journey—ministry and missions trips, vacations and family visits, miscarriage and pregnancy, job transitions and career path changes, depression and the greatest joy I’ve ever known, to this new house we call our home, and to so many places in between.

I know in many ways we are still beginning this journey together. I know we are still in the “set up” of our story—where we meet the main characters, one of whom we’ll meet this August, our daughter. I know we will travel so many more places together, both physical and emotional, and well, whatever the path may bring I feel a peace knowing it’s Clay who will be by my side, through it all, stopping and pausing to pull me close with a silly song or sweet dance.

I can’t wait for this next stop on our journey—welcoming our baby girl into this world. I can’t wait to bring her along on this crazy, unpredictable, beautiful journey of life in which God leads us.

I’m grateful today for this man, who not only helps me hang more and more things on these walls to settle my nesting heart, but who continues to be the best of companions on the journey, at each and every heartbreakingly difficult and overwhelmingly joyous stop along the way.

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