my second trimester of pregnancy

The second trimester. I can hardly believe it’s come and gone!

It started out with some full on nausea that didn’t seem to relent despite what all the books and websites say. Around 20 weeks, though, it was finally gone! Such a welcomed relief. I felt a bit like myself again.

One of the highlights of my second trimester was our babymoon–a two-night stay in Palm Springs–that we took at week 23… which just happened to be over April 23, our third wedding anniversary. We relaxed by the pool, ate yummy food, and enjoyed some down time away from all the baby prepping. It was so nice to get away just the two of us.

At some point during this trimester, the realization hit me — there is a baby growing inside of me! From those first little movements that could almost be mistaken for digestion to some unmistakable kicks and wiggles, it has all become a bit more real.

So much happened in my second trimester. I’m so glad I have this pregnancy journal where I’ve been able to document it all. Below are some snippets from it!


my second trimester of pregnancy

most memorable moments…

Our 16 week sonogram. Seeing her sweet baby feet–that vision God had given me when I was in the thick of fear of miscarrying again. Here it was. On the screen. A promise to come.

The first time I felt her move. It was March 13. Clay and I were watching TV in the evening on the couch, and I felt her clearly move for the very first time. It was magic.

And of course there was our 20 week scan–which while it was emotional was so so neat to see her tiny body in such detail and to catch that first glimpse of her little facial features!


the biggest change I’ve noticed…

A huge belly! Baby Girl is now getting so much bigger. When I first began to feel her it was tiny movements and only in the evenings. Now she is moving all the time, and so much so that I can even see the movements!

I’m somewhat shocked my belly is so big, and I still have 12 weeks to go.

I can no longer move the way I used to, workout the way I used to, and sleep the way I used to!


the funniest thing that happened…

Laughing out loud in church because she moved so much!


the hardest change I’ve had to deal with…

It’s been a bit difficult navigating the weight gain. I’ve officially gained the recommended amount for the entire pregnancy just in these first two trimesters. I’ve tried to give myself grace and trust–as Clay reminds me–that my body is doing exactly what it needs to do for this pregnancy.

Around 20 weeks the weight gain and my growing belly caught up with me, and I realized I suddenly had nothing–or next-to-nothing that fit! My tanks were now getting stretched out, my yoga pants were digging into my belly, and I didn’t have one pair of shorts I could exercise in when it was hot outside. We’d been trying not to spend money, but I realized I had no choice. Three hauls from Old Navy and Macy’s, and American Eagle, and I had some casual clothes and some workout clothes. (These cotton shorts are THE most comfortable lounge and workout shorts, I have three pairs!) I also ordered a handful of dresses from Pink Blush–my fave!

other symptoms…

Some pretty bad headaches at night the first few weeks of the second trimester. Some pretty bad heartburn. And a bit of trouble sleeping at night with the heartburn and back pain.

I actually began craving dark chocolate again for the first time since I’d gotten pregnant!

And around week 24 I began experiencing some intense pelvic pain. It was so bad one day I could barely walk. I was nervous something was wrong, but my doctor informed me it was simply my body preparing for delivery and unfortunately for some women that meant this sort of pain. She recommended physical therapy but also said the symptoms could subside with time. They didn’t. And at about week 26 I started having intense low back pain which finally led me to try physical therapy–which ended up helping tremendously!

other news…

During my second trimester, Clay decided to apply to law school, ended up getting a full ride to Pepperdine and started classes in May! I led a six week small group with some single ladies to go through the content of the book I’m writing. And we got all the main furniture items for our sweet little nursery! (Stay tuned for our nursery reveal!)

what I’m looking forward to most…

Holding her in my arms! I cannot wait for that moment. I know it will be unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced. I can’t wait to get to experience all of this with Clay. And I can’t wait to get to love her, raise her, care for her and teach her.

Until next trimester…

first + last photos: Apple Rose Photography

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