baby feet

On March 4, 2019, we saw her sweet baby feet… And I cried.

God gave me a vision when I was in the thick of fear of losing this pregnancy. I saw two little baby feet stretching up toward me. I believe He was telling me I’d get to see the sweet little feet of this babe growing in my belly one day.⠀⠀

It was a vision I have held onto and returned to countless times since I received it.

I have come so far on this journey from fear and am overjoyed to say I am truly feeling free of that fear.

Even so, as I laid on the table yesterday and held Clay’s hand, and as the sonogram tech showed us none other than our child’s two little sweet baby feet, tears immediately welled in my eyes.

Her feet.

There they were. {They’re in the top sonogram image!} And soon I’d be seeing them in person. Touching them. Kissing them. Snuggling my baby girl.

It’s hard to believe… She was moving around so much. It’s so hard to believe sometimes that there’s an actual tiny human growing and moving inside of me when I can’t feel her at all yet. It’s hard to believe we have a daughter!

I can’t wait to meet this little blessing. I can’t wait to hold her close. And until then I’ll just be over here dreaming of those sweet little baby feet.

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