DIY dry shampoo

One of my first pregnancy symptoms was–you guessed it–greasy hair! I used to be able to go like four days without my hair, but now I feel like I need to wash it about every other day. Which, let’s be honest, is a huge pain.

Enter dry shampoo.

What I love about dry shampoo is that it not only takes away the grease, it also gives your hair a little body and lift.

What I don’t love about dry shampoo? The chemicals! The fragrance/parfum. The endocrine disrupting yuck ingredients in most dry shampoos out there.

Enter DIY dry shampoo!

All you need is an old spice jar, corn starch, and your favorite essential oils. (My go-tos are rosemary and bergamot, but I’ve made it with everything from lavender to joy to peppermint!)

Step 1: fill the spice jar with corn starch.

Step 2: add 25-30 drops essential oils.

I did about 15 drops each rosemary and bergamot.

Step 3: replace lid, shake shake shake, and viola! Happy hair for days… er, day.

Remember: what we put on our bodies go into our bodies, and we only get one!

I love, love, love that God is so creative in making so many amazing plants that we can use for so many things beyond just their yummy scents used here. If you’re interested in starting your journey with these powerful healing tools, click here for a starter kit!

As always, happy Wellness Wednesday friends! Be happy, be healthy, be whole.

all photos: Apple Rose Photography

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