12 ways to personalize your wedding

After waiting so long to get married and after having attended so many weddings, one thing that was really important to me was making sure our wedding was unique and personal to us.

Here are 12 ways to personalize your wedding!

1. custom engraved Bible for ring-bearers

My mom gifted us this beautiful white Bible and had our names engraved on it. Of course our sweet little ring bearers had fake rings, but our photographers got some great photos with our real rings on it.

2. personalized photo journey

This second one was a labor of love! I spent hours printing out my favorite photos from Clay’s and my journey–from our first date to picking up our marriage certificate–complete with a meaningful song quote for each.

Our love story hung in the trees near the bar for our guests to peruse during cocktail hour!

3. custom corn hole!

One of my sweet bridesmaids/besties gifted us this gorgeous personalized corn hole as a wedding gift. We had it out for guests to enjoy both before the wedding began and during cocktail hour!

4. embroidered wedding date on groom’s coat

My sweet hubby surprised me with this! Our wedding date embroidered right inside his coat jacket. He knows I’m a sucker for numbers and dates, so this really meant a lot to me!

5. custom engraved wedding hangers

I actually did a whole post on these, I thought they were so cute and unique! It just so happened that all my bridesmaids were already married, so I had each of their names and wedding dates put on their dress hangers as an extra little gift for them to take home and enjoy as well!

6. wedding date on party favors

We had our wedding date printed on our sunglasses party favors. They came in handy for our guests during the sunny ceremony and cocktail hours and were a fun addition to late-night dancing!

7. custom cake stand

We got this cool cake stand off Etsy with our name and wedding date on it! It went perfectly with our rustic theme.

Also, we framed photos of both sets of parents on their wedding day which was really special.

8. engagement photo board

I printed some favorites from our engagement photo shoot and pinned them up on this board. Hue Creative wrote beautifully a song lyric from our engagement video.

9. other favorite quotes or lyrics

Hue Creative made the chalkboard sign with one of my favorite song lyrics from one of our favorite bands–Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. It was a perfect display for the bar.

And a sweet friend gifted us this frame that we displayed at the coffee bar.

10. other meaningful touches

These blue rocks we placed on the tables as decor came in handy to keep the menus from blowing away with the winds. However, they hold far more meaning to us than just that.

We call them “prayer rocks” and my mom gave a whole speech about it. Long story short they represent God’s faithfulness and answered prayer. Each of our guests got to take one home as a memento!

11. her fingerprint engraved in his ring

I *tried to* surprise Clay with this gift–my fingerprint engraved in his wedding ring. But amidst the chaos of wedding planning accidentally send him the photo instead of my mom! He still loved it though, and it’s super special to me to know it’s there on his finger every day.

12. custom cocktail napkins

Last but not least–custom cocktail napkins! I ordered these from Etsy and they were the perfect final touch!

Happy wedding planning, you guys! May your day be a perfectly imperfect representation of your love story.

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