it’s a girl.

On Saturday we found out if our little Valentine is a boy or a girl…

One of my best friends had these adorable cookies made for the party.

We had another friend fill a piñata for us with pink or blue candy and confetti.

We invited family and some close friends to our backyard, I FaceTimed my family in Texas…

…and then we whacked it open!

Here was the moment I first saw pink!

And here was the moment I yelled, “I see PINK!”

Some pink candy flew out, and I handed the bat to Clay who of course broke it open with one whack.

I can’t explain the joy of that moment. The anticipation that had led to this day…

We are having a baby GIRL!

Clay and I can’t wait to welcome her into the world in August.

It has been quite a road these last few months. We are so thankful to all those who have joined us in prayer for the miracle of this babe.

For this child we have prayed. We have cried. We have hoped in the midst of fear.

With the first trimester behind us as well as a big scare that left me on bed rest of over a month, it truly feels like the clouds have parted, the storm is over and our little rainbow baby is here.

I can’t wait to tell Baby Girl Collier all about the God who never left our side, who healed and restored, and who brought forth her beautiful life.

I truly stand in awe of His goodness and grace today.

. . .

You can watch the video from Saturday on my Insta Story under “mama life.”

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