enough cake to go around

Why do we have a difficult time being happy for each other? Why do we struggle so much with rooting one another on?

I feel like there is an underlying current in our society that says, “If you’re successful, it means I can’t be” and thus we end up believing a lie and competing.

But I remember the words of the wise casting director, Christy Faison, “There’s enough cake to go around.”

Thank you, Christy, for that insight. Thank you for that truth.

Not only is there enough “cake” to go around, why don’t we pass it to each other?! Why don’t we cut each other a slice, knowing each of us will have our time come.

I know comparison and jealousy are two things I struggle with. But I think admitting it is the first step to being able to then speak truth into the lies that they feed. And the truth is, God made each of us unique, with unique talents and specials gifts that NO ONE else has! How cool is that?

So I think it’s safe to say that, yes, there is enough cake to go around.

Let’s cheer each other on from the sidelines. For when it’s our time to shine we want others to do the same for us.

Romans 12:15a tells us, “Rejoice with those who rejoice.” Would we be a people who live out that call.

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