who am I?

You are God; I am your child.

You are love; I am loved.

You are mighty; I am cared for.

You are all powerful; I am protected.

You are sovereign; I am in your hands.

You are beauty; I am your creation.

You are grace; I am forgiven.

You are good; I am made new.

You are light; I am overjoyed.

You are my song; I sing for you.

You are my rock; I stand firm.

You are my shelter; I am provided for.

You are provider; I have all that I need.

You are timeless; I am in your perfect plan.

You are breath; I breathe your air.

You are life; I am alive.

You are abundance; I have more than I need.

You are creator; I am your masterpiece.

You are perfect; I am no mistake.

“Who am I that the Lord of all the earth would care to know my pain, would care to feel my hurt?” – Casting Crowns, Who am I?

To know who I am, I must know who God is.

To know my worth, I must know from where I find my value.

To know myself, I must know my God.

When I needed it most, He showed up. In the form of this cloud outside my bedroom window this morning.

Who am I? PHOTO 1

Just for a moment. And then it was gone. But that was enough for me.

Who am I? PHOTO 2

He is enough for me.

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