how to plan a wedding in 6 months flat: week 1


How do you plan a wedding in six months flat? I have no idea. But we are about to find out together!

My sweet fiance proposed on October 23, 2015 and we are planning to get married on April 23, 2016! Six months flat.

It wasn’t mere minutes after he proposed that it seemed everyone was already asking me a million questions – had we set a date? where would we get married? had we thought about colors? I immediately felt a bit overwhelmed and like I wished I could just have some time to dream and at least make some Pinterest boards!

While I can’t control the questions that will come my way or the many things I’ll have to accomplish to make this wedding happen, I can control my reaction, my approach, and my attitude surrounding all of it. I am determined not to let wedding planning stress me out but to enjoy every step of this journey of getting to plan the wedding of my dreams with the man of my dreams!

I want this season to be one that is full of “whimsy” as my fiance calls it. “What a gift!” he has already had to remind me. Yes, what a gift, indeed. But what a gift-packed-with-an-overwhelming-number-of-things-to-do-in-a-short-amount-of-time!

But somehow I have this sneaking suspicion that it will all work out… it always does, right? I know that this wedding will get planned, and in six months I will be walking down an aisle in a white gown and marrying the love of my life.

I invite you to come alongside me for this journey as I discover how to plan a wedding in 6 months flat. Each week I will post the tasks Clay and I accomplished.

And here’s what we did this week!

how to plan a wedding in 6 months flat: week 1

  • take the weekend to enjoy your fiance! celebrate with friends and family
  • pick a date
  • start pinning pins on Pinterest and looking through bridal magazines for inspiration
  • begin compiling your guest list to get a basic idea of a guest count, start reaching out to friends and family for their addresses
  • talk with your fiancé and/or parents about the budget
  • make appointments to visit venues and begin visiting said venues!
  • talk with your fiancé about a number you want for bridesmaids and groomsmen

The main things Clay and I did this week were pick a date and look at venues. We knew we wanted to get married as soon as reasonably possible. April 23 seemed to be the best option looking at our calendar and our family’s schedules. We then discussed a ballpark number of guests we thought might attend, talked about the “vibe” we wanted for our ceremony and reception, and began researching venues online.

We made some phone calls, sent some emails, and scheduled visits to our top three venues.

Visiting venues is much different than looking at the photos online. We loved one, didn’t love one, and thought we could do with one. We are now discussing price and “sleeping on it” before we make a final decision!

While planning a wedding is valuable and important, I believe planning a marriage is more valuable and important. After all, your wedding is one day; your marriage is a lifetime.

I am creating a duel series called planning your marriage while planning your wedding.” Be sure to take a peek and remember why you’re planning a wedding in the first place… something all of us brides-to-be will need reminders of at times during this busy season!

Happy wedding planning, y’all!

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