how to plan a wedding in 6 months flat: week 20

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Week 20 means we’ve got just one month to go, people! It’s gettin’ real. Fast.

how to plan a wedding in 6 months flat: week 20

  • RSVPS: gather them, round up those stragglers, get organized on how many adults, kids, and babies are coming for food and seating purposes.
  • thank you gifts for shower hosts: order them, shop for them, get something sweet to say thanks to your hosts!
  • childhood photos: my shower hosts wanted some childhood photos of me and Clay growing up to play a game. so we spent some time going through old pics of him growing up. it was so fun to see photos of him and his family through the years. I had scanned a bunch of pics years ago of my own childhood, but my parents were so sweet to gather, scan, and send me tons more! (thanks, mom and dad!)
  • select photos: start deciding on photos to use for a rehearsal dinner slideshow (if you’re making one) as well as photos to display at your wedding (if you choose to do so). I am pretty obsessed with photos. I want them everywhere. And yes, I’m making a super cheesy slideshow to play in the background of our rehearsal dinner of pics of Clay and I through the years and then together. I live for this stuff.
  • begin designing ceremony programs: I ordered some paper samples which should arrive this week, and I went ahead and sent a mock-up sketch/draft to our fabulous friend helping with our paper goods!
  • finalize menus: we approved our dinner menu design and will have them printed and ready to go this week!
  • schedule a final meeting with your wedding coordinator: my coordinator and I are going to meet in a couple of weeks to go over all the final details and make sure everyone’s on the same page. we will get a final timeline together that we can send out to all the vendors and bridal party so everyone knows where they need to be, when they need to be there, what needs to go where, and who’s puttin’ it there!

With all the digging through old photos this week, I was left feeling all reflective and sentimental (something new and different for me!) It was so crazy to think that there was this little boy growing up halfway across the country whom I would one day marry. I’m so grateful for God’s goodness in bringing us together, grateful to our parents for documenting our lives, and grateful that Clay and I get to make our own memories starting now and hopefully with a family of our own one day.

It’s weeks like this with projects like this that bring me back to the heart of this wedding. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in all the little details and become overwhelmed by them. But it’s so nice to pause and reflect on the wonderful gift and privilege that it is to plan a wedding and to think of this time in our lives on a scale of the greater timeline of our lives. One day we will look back at photos together, and the pictures of our wedding will simply be among the mix of photos of tons of other joyous occasions to come – anniversaries, births of children, graduations (both of Clay’s from seminary and that of our future children!)

I hope this week your heart is filled with gratitude and reflection and perspective on this season.

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