3 things I’m learning in the first 2 months of marriage.

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Clay and I have been married for exactly 8 weeks today! It has both flown by and crept by somehow all at once. I have truly felt more happiness, peace, and joy than ever before in my life… and yet, I have been so humbled by my failures and shortcomings in this new role as a wife.

3 things I’m learning in the first 2 months of marriage:

  • don’t put so much pressure on each moment together — I have so craved to be able to fall asleep and wake up next to this man that I have found myself putting waaay too much pressure on our moments together! While of course we should make the most of each day, Clay is not going anywhere, and I will wake up next to him again tomorrow! (So if he wants to go on a run, be grateful he has legs to run and not sad for the moments “missed” of snuggling!)
  • do extra household tasks with joy! — I may have double the laundry, double the dishes, double the mess… but I also have double the love in this household, and the wonderful ability myself to walk, move, and push a vacuum cleaner :)
  • be a good steward of my “corner” of ministry — It’s easy to look up and around and want more: always more. We always want more, right? (God must look down on me and say, all too often, “My child, have I not give you enough?!”… He has. Without a doubt.) I need to soak up each moment of the time I have to spend in the Word and in prayer, drawing nearer to God and learning His truths, to make the most of this role as “future pastor’s wife” as I assist Clay in our young adults ministry, retreats, hosting dinners, going on mission trips (in short, being stretched beyond comfort zone, to say the least!) and especially of the blessing of co-leading the young adult women’s small group at my home weekly with my sweet sister-in-law.

God is so good. He is teaching me so much in this season. Way more than these three things. But more on those later!

I’m so grateful for Clay’s patience with me as we adjust to this new season of life. I don’t always do so with the most grace, but the grace he lavishes on me is unending. And mostly, I’m grateful to God for His own unending patience with me, as well as guidance, and the truly drastic molding of my heart that He is doing. Again, not something I “accept” gracefully in the moment at all times, but something for which I wouldn’t change for anything this world has to offer.

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