compassionately curious

“Be compassionately curious before you’re carelessly critical.” – Audrey Roloff

The other night Clay and I settled onto the couch with our Navigator’s Council marriage journal from Beating 50 Percent {which has easily become my favorite hour of the week}, and the devo was on compassion.

As Clay read aloud, we both paused and pondered those words… “Be compassionately curious instead of carelessly critical.”

How easy it is to jump to conclusions. How easy it is to find fault in our spouse. How easy it is to stand on a self-righteous podium as went condemn this person we love in criticism.

And how difficult it is to pause and to ponder how you may find compassion for where they’re at, why they are acting how they’re acting or saying what they’re saying, and the real kicker—what you may have done or said that yielded such a response.

Odds are we are not without fault. Jesus said, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” {John 8:7}. And it’s amazing what can happen when we humble ourselves to explore a conflict with the heart of Jesus.

Marriage is a beautiful gift. But it is incredibly difficult at times. It’s a relationship that refines, sharpens and sanctifies as we stand before a mirror that amplifies our flaws, our sin, and the dark places of our heart that need the light and love of the only One who lived and loved perfectly.

This week, in your marriage—and in your relationships with other family members and friends—would you join me in pausing and pondering how we may be “compassionately curious” instead of “carelessly critical” as we strive to love others well on this great journey of life?

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