7 things I wish I knew before my wedding day

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Our wedding day was magical–truly gorgeous, better than I dreamt–and yet there are things I wish I had known to do beforehand!

The following is my gift to you, bride-to-be, to help you as you plan for YOUR wedding day.


7 Things I Wish I Knew Before My Wedding Day

  1. Tape down outdoor decor {and manage expectations for it!}

I created a photo display of Clay’s and my journey, complete with a song quote for each photo. My wedding coordinator strung them between two trees with clothespins… And then the wind blew them away! She was able to put them back up with tape. In hindsight I wish I had simply taped the clothespins to the backs of the photos to secure them.

Because it was such a windy day, they also couldn’t put out all the rose petals I wanted on the reception tables. It was a bummer, but it still looked great! Just be sure to remember that there’s a lot you can’t control with outdoor weddings–even on the most beautiful of days!

  1. Have someone watch your dress + veil!

Y’all–my veil ripped! When I went to put it on, there was a huge tear that must have happened when the photographers and videographer were shooting it. My advice? Assign someone the task of keeping a very close eye on your dress + veil!

  1. Create HUGE buffers in the schedule.

Our timeline got thrown off because of the great veil debacle {picture bridesmaids on their hands and knees attempting to mend it with eyelash glue!} As a result, squeezing photos all the while attempting to keep me and my groom from seeing each other felt a bit chaotic and rushed. When creating your schedule/timeline, remember to prepare for the unexpected! Speaking of which…

  1. Have plenty of backups!

…for anything and everything. Our videographer’s drone crashed + broke during cocktail hour. Therefore we didn’t get the overhead footage we wanted of the remainder of our wedding! Accidents happen. So bring backups! {Our wedding video still turned out great by the way.}

  1. Make a list of must-have photos.

Somehow with the 1000+ photos we received, I ended up without a single one of me and my flower girl! Sad day. Be sure to give your photogs a list of the pics you just can’t live without!

  1. Choose flowers according to your venue.

Our wedding was outdoors, in the afternoon, on a sunny day in California. The hydrangeas the florist placed in the bouquets wilted, and we ended up having to ditch them midway through photos! If you’re like me and know nothing about flowers, just be sure your florist helps you choose ones that are sure to withstand at the very least the duration of photo-taking!

  1. Assign someone to oversee the packing of your getaway car.

We ended up with the top of the cake in our car after the wedding! We had to store it at hotel and wait over an hour the next morning as they searched for it. They found it! It just would have been better had my parents taken it with them. It simply got lost in translation.

. . .

Considering these are the only things that stand out in my mind that went “wrong,” I’d say our wedding day was quite a success!

All in all it was beautiful, specific and unique to us, and glorifying to the God who made it all possible.

As you plan, prep, and pray for your big day, would you do so knowing that what they say is true–something will go wrong {if not multiple things}–and yet would you find peace in the midst of it all and an ability to sit back, to let go of your plans, and to bask in the glory, wonder, and magic of each and every moment of your perfectly imperfect day!

Because at the end of it you’ll be married to your husband! And that’s what the day is really about!

Be sure to check out my side-by side, week-by-week series on both wedding and marriage planning!



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