Thieves: steals the sickness!


We’re still trudging through these winter months. We had a fake-out with some warm weather these last couple of weeks in sunny Santa Monica, but winter is back with a vengeance! It’s like 64 degrees people!

I kid.

I know we have it pretty easy here in the cold weather department, but as far as straight up colds go? We are not immune!

Cold season may still be lingering, but your colds don’t have to! Heck, I feel like if I use this stuff enough I don’t even get one in the first place!

Thieves is one of my absolute favorite easential oils. Because it is so dang powerful! And it smells like Christmas.

Here’s how I use this little bottle of goodness all year long:

• Diffuse 3-4 drops in the diffuser to purify the air and to get your house smelling so fresh and so clean clean. {You can also place 3-4 drops on a cotton ball and place between your trash can liner and can!}

• Place 1 drop on or under tongue for an immune-boosting jolt {and I mean spicy jolt!} when you feel a little something coming on—especially a sore throat!

• Place 1 drop on the bottom of one foot. Rub both feet together. Do this morning, noon, and night. {Bonus: Adds laughter to life. I especially love watching my husband lift up his feet for me to give him a drop before we go to sleep!} {Why he can run a marathon but not place a drop of oil on his feet is beyond me.}

Grab yourself a bottle of this all natural goodness. Plants pack a punch! What a creative God of provision we have.

Get your Thieves here!

. . .

PS – Did you know Thieves first got its name back in the olden days when robbers would steal valuables from dead bodies struck by the plague? They’d used this oil to prevent them from getting sick.

Thieves: it steals the sickness!

Want to know more uses for this versatile essential oil? Check out Young Living’s 25 uses for Thieves here!

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