love never fails


“There’s no denying beauty makes a sound.” – Needtobreathe, Testify

My sweet husband sang me a song by Brandon Heath called Love Never Fails at our wedding.

That moment was so powerful and meaningful to me. As I listened to those words, I felt God’s faithfulness and provision in ways I never had before… after years and years of waiting for a godly man who was God’s absolute best for me, He provided a companion with whom I could to traverse the depths and heights of life… out of His goodness and great love.

There was so much beauty in the sounds of that song that went far beyond the mere notes played and voices singing.

God’s love never fails. And the love of a marriage centered in Christ won’t either.

In a world that teaches us to seek instant gratification of our fleshly desires, I pray our story is one that spreads encouragement for those who wait, and provides hope to those who long.

Never give up on waiting for God’s best for you. Never settle for anyone less. 

“Love will protect. Love always hopes. Love still believes even when you don’t.” – Brandon Heath, Love Never Fails

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