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I’ve never been one to speak out about politics. But something about today has gotten me inspired.

You’d have to live under a rock to not know that Donald Trump was elected as our 45th President of the United States. And it being such a close election means that there are a lot of people who are happy about this outcome, and a lot of people that are quite unhappy about it.

Now, whether or not you support Trump, he will be our next president. So we best make the best of it, no?


There is a lot of talk about Donald Trump and his attitude, demeanor, and reckless opinions. There is talk of “what do I tell my children at the breakfast table today?” … of a president that bullies, that speaks badly about women and minorities, and well, unfortunately the list goes on. I am certain there are many who actually did vote for Trump who still do not approve of many things about him, his personality, and his past.

It can seem like a dark day to many. It can seem like an uncertain time. It can seem like a hopeless future. And yet I believe that no matter where you stand in regards to this election, we can all find hope today.


You see, the Bible is full of stories of God using imperfect people for His glory. David had an affair and had a man killed. Moses doubted and disobeyed. Paul literally put Christians to death. Rahab was a prostitute. And well, the list goes on.

And yet despite all their failures, shortcomings, and downright disobedience and rebellion, God used them all. He used them to bring others to know Him – to know His hope, His mercy, His grace, and His love. He used them to make His name more famous. He used them for His goodness, for His purpose, and for His glory.

And I believe God has the power to use Donald Trump for the same. Here me out: it won’t happen overnight. It could be a long road. And yet, I believe we serve and love an Almighty God who has the power to do the impossible – even the power to change Donald Trump’s heart. 


Our job in it all? To pray. To petition. To plead to God to show up in great ways in Trump’s life. To ask Him to transform his heart, to guide his steps, to allow the Christian leaders surrounding him to speak Truth in to his life. And for there to never be hatred or evil done in the name of Christian values and morals.

What may seem like a threat may actually be disguised as an opportunity – an opportunity to pray with non-believers who are worried about their future, an opportunity to share the truth and hope of the gospel with those who don’t yet know it, and an opportunity to proclaim the hope and peace we have found and continue to have in all circumstances through the redemptive blood of Jesus Christ.

Our God works for the good of those who love him in all things (Romans 8:28). There is no thing in this world, in this life, in this universe too big for him to handle (Jeremiah 32:17). He is sovereign above it all.


Have you ever looked out the airplane window and been in awe by the beauty? Have you ever looked out the airplane window and been fearful as you soar in obscurity through dense clouds? I actually had an experience where I can say yes to both. Within a matter of just a few minutes.

I can’t remember where I was flying and why, but I do remember this: We had been flying for some time, and suddenly some bumps started happening. As I jostled in my seat, the captain came on and announced that we would be experiencing some turbulence and needed to fasten our seatbelts.

I looked out my window, and all I could see was the thickest, densest clouds on all sides. How does the pilot see where he’s going? I thought. And then suddenly, the plane took a dive. I’m talking full on nose dive. I felt my rear lift out of my seat a big as we free fell through the sky for about the 3 longest seconds of my life until we leveled out. This is how I die, I thought to myself – oddly calmly – in those long 3 seconds.

I focused on breathing and prayed to God for continued safety. And then, everything seemed to settle as we rose above the clouds. And I looked outside next to me where we now flew above the clouds. And let me tell you, it was a sight. A field of clouds, if you will. The most beautiful blanket of white clouds beneath us, and the sun shining in all its glory above them, guiding us now, giving us light to see, and peace to feel.

Version 2

My friends, this is what God can do in our lives. This is what He does in our lives. It may feel like we are free falling through dense clouds to sudden death, and yet when we have lost all control is when God is able to take control and to show up in big ways. (Or to put it in Trump’s words: “huuuuge” ways.) He takes control, He lifts us above the clouds, He guides us to safety high above it all.

We know who is really in control. We know who really reigns. He is bigger than ballots. He is more powerful than politics, polls, and political parties. His love reaches to the Heavens. His faithfulness stretches to the skies. He parts seas. He brings water out of rocks. He brings the dead to life.

His is the name above all names. He is our Most High King. His name is Jesus.


My sister sent me the sweetest video of my four-year-old nephew singing – hand motions and all – My God is so BIG! So strong and so mighty… And just weeks later, I found myself across the globe on a mission trip in South Africa where suddenly out of nowhere, one of the sweet little four-year-old boys there started singing – hand motions and all – My God is so BIG! So strong and so mighty…

My eyes filled with tears. My heart filled with love.

We are all the same – black and white, rich and poor, American and South African. We all serve and love a great and big and mighty God. And you know what? I am holding on to this truth:

There’s nothing my God cannot do! For you! (And me. And this earth. And this election. And this country. And this world.) Nothing.

“There’s nothing worth more that could ever come close. No thing can compare. You’re our living hope. Your presence, Lord…”Holy Spirit

“I’m no longer a slave to fear; I am a child of God.” – Bethel Music, No Longer Slaves

“And from above it all you can’t help but say, it’s gonna be a beautiful day.” – Joshua Radin, Beautiful Day


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  1. zuzana korda says:

    Very powerful and uplifting words, Meredith Noel Collier!

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