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“The years go by like stones under rushing water; we only know when they’re gone.” – Needtobreathe

As I addressed Christmas cards, I couldn’t believe this is already our third Christmas together {second as a married couple}.

There’s so much I long to do with this man. There’s so much I long to be for this man. And if I’m not intentional, well, the years will continue to pass by all too quickly.

Yesterday morning I wrote the following in my journal as my heart was stirred in this season…

A6AA6607-E1B2-439C-BCBD-CA1D62816C97Today feels like a new start. A fresh beginning. To take hold of life and all it has to offer, to live each second to the full for my good and for God’s glory.

Why wait for a new year? I’m starting now. 

Here are my “now goals”!

  • be happy! Seriously, don’t worry. Be happy. Live in the present.
  • be in love! Embrace Clay and all he is–faults and all. Love him deeply. Savor every moment. Dance barefoot in the kitchen with records playing. Love.
  • be positive! See the good in all circumstances. Focus on the great parts of life + people. There’s plenty to be negative about, but there’s so much more to be happy about! {which brings me full circle to…}
  • be fearless! Don’t be afraid of being happy–like genuinely-wake-up-every-day-and-smell-the-roses-happy. Don’t let Satan steal your joy. Jump for it. Jesus died for it.

There it is. Four simple things… that somehow don’t seem so simple sometimes.

But maybe we make life more complicated than it has to be. Maybe we make it more complex. And maybe it’s all the stuff we add that makes the burden feel too heavy to bear sometimes.

Jesus tells us to take on His light burden and easy yoke {Matt. 11:30}.

That always sounded so nice. Yet somehow so unattainable to me.

Well, I’m tired of feeling as if I’m unable to take hold of that which Jesus Christ is offering to me, has been offering to me, made possible to offer to me through His life and very death on that cross.

Jesus didn’t just die on the cross to save us for our sins. He did that… but He came for so much more than that.

He tells us, “I have come that they may have life and have it to the full!” {John 10:10}.

And that verse everyone knows–whether a believer or not–“For God so loved the world…” John 3:16… Well, God didn’t just send Jesus to give us eternal life–that which starts beyond the grave; He gave His Son that we may have life. And life now


This day.

December 11.

Don’t wait until New Year’s to start living our your life to the full. Start now! Join me today.

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