cleaner indoor air in minutes


Did you know opening up the windows in your home for just 10 minutes a day can dramatically improve indoor air quality?⠀⠀

We spend on average 90% of our time indoors, and 1 of the top 5 environmental health concerns of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency? Indoor air quality.

Why is it so bad?

Besides building materials and paints, air fresheners, cleaning products, pesticides and the like are the culprit!

In addition to replacing harmful chemical pollutants in your household care routine*, this simple act of opening windows for a few minutes can help you breathe better, feel better, and live better.

I love the lyrics from that worship song—“it’s Your breath in our lungs so we pour out our praise, pour out our praise…” How important is the quality of the air in our lungs so that we can pour out our praise better to the One who gave us it all? 🙏🏻⠀⠀

*Young Living has amazing household cleaning supplies—Thieves household cleaner for bathroom and kitchen counters as well as windows and mirrors, diffusers and oils to replace candles and air fresheners, not to mention dishwashing and laundry detergents, dental care, body care and more. Purchase here!⠀⠀

Enjoy your Sunday sabbath rest! And just think—you are literally “cleaning” the air in your home by resting and doing pretty much nothing! #winning

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