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Me: “Clay, will you take a pic of me for my blog?”

Clay: “Babe, who does laundry in a dress?”

Me: “I do. I’m currently doing laundry. In a dress.”

. . .

The other Friday we were heading out with friends, but I had some time to kill. So I pulled out my Branch Basics and hand washed some swim suits and such in between cleaning + rinsing my makeup brushes.⠀⠀

I love that I can use this same solution for everything from laundry to household cleaning to washing my hands to dishes.

For hand washing:
– Add 1 t. concentrate to water.
– Soak + rinse.
*Add a sprinkle of oxygen boost for extra whitening.

For makeup brushes:
– Use foaming hand soap to cover brushes + let them sit for 5-10 min.
– Rinse + lay out to dry.

For a myriad of other uses:
Check out the Branch Basics “User Guide” here.

. . .

Fun fact: Two of my sorority sisters helped start this company and create this solution–both a cleaning solution and a solution to the problem of toxins in traditional cleaning products.

If you’d like to check it out, you may click here for a $10 off discount code!

Happy Labor Day weekend, friends! May you find rest in your household labor. 🖤

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