how to make bug spray using essential oils

Traditional bug sprays are full of chemicals and toxins* that personally I don’t want to put on my skin or the skin of my loved ones. Remember: what we put on our bodies goes into our bodies through our skin–the largest organ!

Thankfully essential oils really work at keeping the bugs away. Oh, and they smell great, too!

You can vary the following recipe depending on which oils you like best, but this concoction’s pretty great if I do say so myself!

how to make bug spray using essential oils

what you need:

  • eucalyptus radiata, lemongrass, tea tree, geranium + citronella essential oils {I only use Young Living** oils–the only company with a “Seed to Seal” guarantee. It’s the best. And you deserve the very best!}
  • 2 oz. glass spray bottle {Amazon}
  • witch hazel {or vodka}
  • carrier oil {fractionated coconut oil or Young Living’s V6 vegetable complex}
  • distilled water
  • small funnel {optional}
  • measuring spoons

what to do:

  • add the following liquids to the glass bottle {using a small funnel helps}:
    • 1.5 T distilled water
    • 1 t. carrier oil
    • 1 t. witch hazel
  • add the following essential oils:
    • 3 drops eucalyptus
    • 7 drops lemongrass
    • 3 drops tea tree
    • 4 drops geranium
    • 7 drops citronella
  • twist on top
  • shake it up

Viola! Chemical-free, non-toxic, safe + effective bug repellant!

PS – Sometimes when I am on-the-go and don’t have this spray with me, I simply use lavender {’cause let’s be honest–I carry that one with me at all times}. I place a couple of drops on my wrists, rub them quickly together, and then rub my wrists along my arms, legs + neck. Repeat as necessary. Proven to work at outdoor family dinners! Even those who roll their eyes when I talk about oils are begging for it!

. . .

*Chemicals of Concern in Bug Repellant.

**Click here to purchase Young Living oils.

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