Spring is coming


My sister told me “Spring is coming” toward the end of a conversation when she had texted me early Monday morning to chat about something else, and yet I had ended up breaking down into a place of spiritual brokenness from the chronic physical pain I’ve been enduring.
And by Wednesday, a mere two days later, and hump day no less, the first edition of the sweet subscription of the Magnolia Journal a friend bought me for my birthday arrived.
And what is it? The Spring issue. {And with a feature on intentional living no less!}
Friend, what pain, heartache, trial or darkness do you find yourself in during these final weeks of winter?
Spring is coming!
What hopelessness do you feel in the current state of your pain? Spring is coming!
What lies are the Enemy speaking to you in the darkness? SPRING IS COMING!

. . .


I was told by a friend last night at our small group to listen to a song called “Not Today” by Hillsong.
Last night I had a vivid and prophetic dream. I won’t go into the details of it, but I will say that involved dancing. And I believe God was trying to give me hope in and perspective surrounding this season.
And this morning as I sat here and listened to that song, I couldn’t help but get up and dance to the music.
I told Clay “I want to dance in the midst of the pain, not just when I can see the full story.”
God is telling a story with your life. This is but a mere chapter. A season. Nay, a day in the span of eternity.
This is the day He wants to pull you over that hump, to help you walk, nay run, nay dance your way up and over that hill.
Spring is coming.
When we make it over that hump, over that peak, over that treacherous hill, it’s from that very vantage point where God will reveal all the beauty of that which He has been planting, watering, and growing on the other side.
Spring is coming, indeed.

. . .


My friend Lindsey had ordered that Magnolia Journal back in December when it was my birthday. Right at the start of winter technically.

She didn’t know this week I’d need the hope that it gave at that time. But God did. And in the same way placed the order in winter but the gift didn’t arrive until spring, what God sews in us in seasons of winter He will reap in spring.

And so I encourage you all to join me in saying, “Not today, Satan!” Or as Hillsong sings, “Let the devil know, ‘Not today!’” And I encourage you to get up off the metaphorical couch you’re stuck on and DANCE AMIDST THE PAIN BECAUSE YOU KNOW THE GOOD THAT IS COMING!! Amen?!

We can dance through the seasons of winter because we know that spring is coming. After every winter it comes. Every year. Faithfully.

I’ll leave you with the words of Jesus from John 16:33, “In this world you will have trouble, but take heart! I have overcome the world.”

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