Give It a Day

We’re in quite a different place than we were last October (see below!)

Baby girl’s walking and talking, not spitting up and blowing out.

We often only see the highlight photos of motherhood on social media, the moments that shout, “Isn’t motherhood wonderful?” But let’s face it. While motherhood is wonderful, it is also often a struggle.

There have been times I’ve found myself utter, “I don’t know if I can take one more day of [blank].” At times it’s been spit up, others it’s been blow outs, and more times than I’d like to recount it’s been sleep deprivation.

I’ll never forget my sister’s response when I was venting to her one day about one of the above-mentioned struggles. She said:

“Give it a day. You don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Today might be the last day.”

She went on to explain that just when she thought she couldn’t take one more day of messes from her two boys, suddenly, somehow, that was the last mess they made! (Of that kind, anyhow!)

Those words rang loudly in my ears… Give it a day.

And I was quickly reminded there’s actually Scriptural truth to this sisterly advice…

*Head on over to Mom Mentor to read my latest article, Give It a Day.*

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