upside down.

He turned my world upside down. I was so confident in knowing what I wanted and so fine being single until it came along. And then he came along… and he was exactly.what.I.wanted. Handsome, godly, patient and kind, he loved Jesus like crazy and I was crazy about him.⠀

My cool-headedness *almost* went out the window. I couldn’t wait for the next chance to talk to him. Finally one day after a post-church brunch gathering on February 15, he walked me to my car. I looked up at the sky and saw a jet stream. And gasped. And then I looked up and saw two little birds sitting on a power line. In that moment I knew we would be together. Call me crazy, but something in my soul just knew.⠀

We’ve now bought a house in LA, been married almost three years, and I can’t imagine not being by his side. {Or thrown over his shoulder!} He’s carried me through hard times, made me laugh through life, and come my way on a holistically healthy lifestyle. {Chemicals be gone!}⠀

Is you’re single and waiting for someone who is exactly what you are looking for, don’t settle. It just might take a bit more time for God to bring you the one who will turn your life upside down in the best.possible.way!

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